Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden Project Proposal:
We Thank you for choosing Treesjoint Developers for beautifying your external looks of the hotel premises. We design beautiful, innovative vertical gardens and landscapes based on your requirements. Our spectrum of services involves, design, installation, plant sourcing, maintenance and upkeep. Please find below our process and proposal for your vertical garden based on the initial brief that we have received from you.

Table of Content:
Preliminary Visit & Assessment
Technical Survey & Design Report
Standard Design Proposal
Budget & Costing

Terms & conditions
1) Preliminary Visit & Assessment
Onsite visit, and technical assessment of location. Creation of checklist to match different styles and themes based on said location. Understanding client needs and to gather information about what mood or style needs to be encapsulated in the project. Based on prelim visit and discussion, a final site survey and design is finalized.

2) Technical Survey & Design Report
Technical site survey is conducted, measurements of the wall, façade, environmental aspects, light availability and humidity tests are gauged. We document the selected site by taking photographs. Based on the available structural images, a design is created of potential layouts, plant selection specific to the structure. Any other maintenance and upkeep prerequisites are generated in the report.

3)Standard Design Proposal
Basic layout for the vertical garden:

Design will be shared after the site visit.

· Materials that will be used:

Fabrication metal work for all panels, Painting, Assembling pots with plants with added organic manures and fertilizers.

· Type of plants that will be used:

Indoor, Semi shaded or Outdoor plants are the plants that we plant for vertical garden at your premises based on the study that we make during site visit only.

· Scaled plan of proposed vertical garden:

Slant lined, Vertical Lined, Horizontal and Waves etc  are the designs we develop for all the vertical gardens that we undertake.

· Soil and soil amendments:

We use Red soil, Coco peat, Organic Manure with Fertilizers for all pots in the vertical garden pots.

· Structural requirements:

After the survey report at the premises, we design the structural details.

· Type of containers required:

Steel frame work with black/Green color plastic pots.

· Work schedule and timelines:

We need minimum of 15 - 20 days based on the project size and requirement to source plants and finish the project after receiving the approval letter from your company*.

4). Budget & Costing

 Pdf. File attached to the website under vertical garden section. Kindly request you to download and acknowledge with your feedback.

5). Installation

 Installation will begin on the specified date once proposal is approved and budgets are finalized. The installation date may vary if exotic plants and materials are selected and ordered by international vendors. Installation will start provided access is given to the site without any hindrances.

6). Maintenance

· We offer initial 3 Months of free maintenance based on the type of project that we have undertaken.

· We offer regular visits to check plant health and general upkeep.

· Post the expiry of free maintenance period, we offer Monthly / Annual Maintenance Contracts the quote for which is available on request.

· The maintenance schedule will include, irrigation system checks; soil health; pest control and disease control.

· Maintenance frequency is based on the size of the project, it can vary from bi monthly to monthly to quarterly or half yearly.

7). Terms & conditions

General Terms:
· The total life of the vertical garden plants is of 9 to 12 months.

· The designs and look of vertical garden plants can be changed as and when needed decided by the management.

· After the duration, based of the plants health and condition, we decide to replace or retain it for beautifying landscape aspect.

· We may or may not install the water softener based on the water quality for watering the plants on regular basis without fail.

· The organic matter of plants due to failure of watering will not be covered under maintenance.

· We care our plants with timely repotting with proper manure and fertilizers which will improve the external beauty with healthy green plants.

· The corrosion due to water spillover on the framework need to rework based on the condition.

Payment terms General Terms:
· 50% upon initial visit and consultation and proposal approval

· 50% on the day of project completion

Its our pride to work along with you, company keeping in mind for the mutual benefits of us and environment concern to cooler the climate temperature by avoiding the bad effects of global warming.